Gigi the Personality Girl

Pancake Surprise (2016)


Pancake Surprise is a story set in Azaliea Castle in a town simply known as Azaliea. The game surrounds Mira a lowly maid who works within the castle quarters  of Azaliea Castle. Mira who has worked hard throughout her career as a maid in the castle has most recently been promoted to work under the Prince as his personal assistant.  The Prince who governs Azaliea is known to his people as The Pancake Prince. The Prince has lost everything and everyone dear to him and is going through severe stages of depression. The Prince tries not to show it, but Mira can sense something is wrong and attempts to help the Prince in his time of need.  Can Mira unlock the key to the Prince's heart? Or will she fail miserably and lose everything.

System Requirements:


Pancake Surprise is run using  Ren'Py Engine (6.99.8) and is a self-contained application. The game has only been tested on Windows 8.


Partial Voice-Over
Original Music
HD CG Art/Backgrounds/Sprites

Bonus Content:

Featured at end of game after game credits.


Audio Drama x 2
Gallery Slideshow


You can adjust the Audio and Music to your liking (+ & -) on the options screen menu using the Sound & Audio sliders. The voice-over featured in game uses the Sound option.

When playing I would suggest you adjust the audio using the speakers volume slider on your computer. I would also suggest that you do not use earphones, as some of the sounds make quite the impact on the ears, yes I should know as I have tested the game with earphones.  


Mira Saffron

Mira Saffron is the main Antagonist of Pancake Surprise.  Mira is a 17 year old girl who works as a Maid. She has been promoted to working under the Prince of Azaliea as his personal assistant. Mira is honest and sweet and tries to see the best in people.

Prince Pancake 

Prince Pancake known as The Pancake Prince of Azaliea is a true blood Azaliean who rules over Azaliea. Prince Pancake is 7 years old who is quite intelligent for his age.  The Prince is a well known brat and likes everything to be perfect. Sometimes he seems to forget that he is just a mere child.

Azaliea Soldiers

Soldiers of Azaliea protect Azaliea Castle with all their might. The Soldiers of Azaliea dress the same and regularly march up and down outside the castle.

Princess Gigi

A mysterious woman who claims to be a princess. Gigi is 19 years of age and claims to be a triple threat. A Singer, Actress & Dancer all rolled into one.  Like Prince Pancake she is very intelligent, and loves to people to cater to her every need. She also has quite the temper and usually blows her top, mostly when someone beside her is saying or doing something stupid. That person mostly being Lemon.  Gigi is a little antisocial but loves to sing, but does not sing when prompted to do so. One of her favourite songs to sing is Button Up Your Overcoat. Gigi loves the finer things in life, and loves to be wined and dined and treated with high respect. She has no time for people who will not treat her with the respect she feels she deserves. She claims to have a lot of rivals. Her reason for being in Azaliea is currently unknown.


A mysterious woman who works as Princess Gigi's assistant or so she claims.  Lemon is a 18 years of age oriental girl who is very outspoken, she is a bit of a ditz and the sort of girl who trusts people based upon their appearances sometimes. If she comes across a shy or happy person she will immediately fall head over heels in love with them. She has been easily deceived in her life, but sometimes uses this to her own advantage to get what she wants. Lemon usually has no problem interacting with people. She is skilled in martial arts and loves to fight against those who do her wrong. Lemon usually ends up angering her mistress, as she is known to say stupid things at the wrong time. Lemon is also known to get jealous very easily. And loves to make up little white lies along the way. Lemon also has a thing for the ladies. Although she claims men are very satisfying, she likes the softer touch of a woman.  Her reason being in Azaliea is currently unknown.


An evil force that roams Azaliea.


Created by Berry Melon (2016)
Original concept created in 2013-2014.  
From 2015-2016 started developing full length game.

CG Art/Sprites:




Voice Actresses/Actors:

Rina Mizura Adachi as Mira Saffron, Prince Pancake, Princess Gigi, Lemon
Dave Soltura as Azaliea Soldiers
Linnea Sage as Princess Zhen
Ashley Eddy as Miko
Yui Hisaishi as Lani

Additional Voice Over:


Additional Credits:

Jong Sun Lee
Hiro Yuki 


The game contains 1,189 dialogue blocks, containing 11,311 words and 59,949 characters, for an average of 9.5 words and 50 characters per block.


Download Links:

(Windows 104 MB/Mac 98 MB/Linux 108 MB)

Thank You:

A special thank you to Rina Mizura Adachi and Ellinx. I want to thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart for closely helping me on my project, thank you ever so.  Thank you to Rina who worked on the main characters vocals, I wouldn't have anyone but you doing the role as you are amazing at what you do, you are the "It Girl" when it comes to voice-over.  And a special shout-out to Ellinx, thank you for all the CG & Sprite Art and character design based upon my ideas, I am very happy you are an amazing artist. And a thank you to everyone else who lent me their talent.

Interview with Rina Mizura Adachi voice of Prince Pancake & Mira

When you did the voice for Mira, how did the character come across to you? 

That’s a bit tough. Honestly she seemed very standard and Cinderella-y which I think was kind of the point..  Kind of like that good friend you have that doesn’t make all that much impact in your life but is really trying in her own. Haha.

Out of the four characters you voiced, which of the 4 stood out to you most and why?

I’m going to say Lemon this time around. Not that she appeared for very long but she seems to always have a hidden hint of knowing something more about the situation but Gigi kind of pushes it aside. (I’m an English major — always think there’s some significance to everything, haha..)

Are you a gamer? If so what kind of games do you like playing?

Yep! I tend to stick to RPG's or hackn’slash since I can’t play FPS to save my life though. I’m also a very big fan of visual novels.

What do you think of Visual Novel type games?

Love ‘em! I grew up with the Tokimemo dating series, haha. The genre just stuck to me after that point. I enjoyed the kind of evolved versions too (Phoenix Wright/999,etc—only say evolved since you actually have to do something besides read through the story and choose paths)


Game License:

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Game Images: