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Pancake Surprise! - Game Demo (2015)


Pancake Surprise is a free non-profit Visual Novel. The story follows the life of a shy but sweet lowly castle maid. Who has recently been promoted to serve under the Prince. The little Prince is going through severe heart-ache, can Mira unlock the key to his heart?

Video Promo:


The promo video was made using various software, all copyright for the video goes to me.  The videos feature the characters introducing themselves.

Voice Cast:

Several of the characters voices are provided by Rina Mizura Adachi, as I have worked with her so many times, and she is fantastic to work with, it has been an honor to work with her, I would recommend her if you are in need of a voice actress.  And one of the characters are voiced by a voice over artist by the name of Dave Soltura who was fantastic at recording, he's basically a professional at what he does, I'd highly recommend him to anyone who's gonna Boop-Boop-a-Dooping make an animation, game or commercial.


Official Websites:

I know it's quite silly that there are two official websites, I was not happy with either so I decided to make two. I think I like the pink one more than the black one, as it seems to suit the game genre, a lot more than the basic black one.

Game Demo Download Links:

Pancake Surprise! (Macintosh and Linux) - 74.71 MB 

Just a little warning in advance the previous Macintosh release in the 74.71 MB had an unexpected error when being distributed.  My Windows system is unable to launch the game as it is unable to read the files, so I'm not too sure about it but it finished archiving itself.  Windows is the main release for the game, everything has been perfected on that version, as I myself use Windows.

Updated 11/01/16:

Pancake Surprise! (Linux) - 39.17 MB
Pancake Surprise! (Mac)  - 35.39 MB

Fixed the Mac error and the game should now work on Macintosh.

Final Update 15/04/16:

Pancake Surprise Demo (Download All) - 375.94 MB

Japanese/日本語 Demo:



Spanish/Español Demo:

Panqueque Sorpresa

Panqueque Sorpresa es una novela visual no comercial la cual puede descargarse gratuitamente. La historia del juego sigue a Mira, una sirvienta de 17 años que sirve en el Castillo del Príncipe Panqueque de Azaliea. El pequeño príncipe está enfadado y angustiado en la soledad luego de perder a su familia. Recientemente la muerte de alguien querido para él ha causado que actúe raro. ¿Mira podrá encontrar la llave para su corazón? El juego contiene fondos de alta calidad, hadas de alta calidad y doblaje de alta calidad y es completamente gratis. El lanzamiento sin fines lucros de Panqueque Sorpresa ha sido traducido al español para aquellos que no pueden leer inglés pero desean jugar el demo.

Korean/한국/코리아 Demo:

팬케익 서프라이즈는

팬케익 서프라이즈는 무료로 다운 받을 수 있는 독창적이고 시작적인 게임입니다. 이 이야기는 미라의 삶을 따라갈 수 있는 아잘리아에서부터 시작됩니다. 그녀가 팬케익 왕자의 마음을 열 수 있는 열쇠를 얻게될까요? 아니면 실패하여 왕자를 영원히 잃게 될까요? 이 게임의 특징으로는 고 품질의 배경들, 화면들, 그리고 해설소리를 가지고 있고 또 완전히 무료라는 것입니다. 데모 게임을 즐기고 싶으나 영어를 읽을 수 없는 사람들을 위해서 팬케익 서프라이즈가 한국에서 비영리적인 공개를 하게되었습니다. 이 게임은 무료로 다운 받으실 수 있습니다.

Pancake Surprise!  [2015 Demo]

The full game is released it will be added straight to which is the gaming catalogue list. The full game differs to that of the demo, a lot of things have been changed and updated.